Tom’s Story

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 22:47  |  administrator


Our beloved Sam is doing great. He has exceeded our expectations for being just our companion. He is our friend and a younger” brother” to our sons. Last summer we went camping to Canada with Sam. And we all had a great time. Sam has grew to be a very handsome and very well balanced dog. Not even smallest piece of clothing or footwear has been damaged since we got him from you. All furniture remains untouched by his teeth. He is THE DOG we’ve always wanted. Sam is obedient and knows his boundaries. When left home alone, he has the entire house to himself, but chooses to go to his cage (with gate wide open) and stays there until someone returns home. Not to mention that he has his own room. He is healthy and we spend several hours weekly by walking him to the near park or forest preserve where he can really unwind as a “ hunter” and show his outdoor skills. Thank you for this great dog – friend, our SAM!!!!Best,


Tom /w family.