Our Breeding Process

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Monday, 07 November 2011 22:02  |  administrator

How a Puppy Comes into the World Here at Sizzleville

Our puppy house provides a safe and secure environment for our momma dogs.
Momma dogs need alot of rest so the last month before her due date will be spent here.
She can also be outside for lots of fresh air and exercise
Having pheasants and quail on the property, we can even smell them,
or see an occasional escapee and point it.

Then it comes time for an x-ray to see how many puppies there are.
Here they are, nice and healthy.
Everyone needs lots of rest.
Everyday they get weighed to make sure they are growing.
Now its time for eyes to open.

They are growing and its time for toys.
As we grow, we want out of this box.
Before we get out of this box we have to eat Gerber Baby Food.
Sometimes, we even wear alot of it too. But it is good!!
Now we get out of that box and can really play.
We play so hard, we nap alot.
Next we get to go outside to play and nap.
We can run!
We get to see what birds look like, smell, and taste like too.

Then we get to learn agility too!
Then we get lots of friends to come over and play.

We even have visitors from Hungary, Gabor and Kata, to play with our Hungarian Vizsla puppies.