Chris’s Story

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Thursday, 10 November 2011 22:39  |  administrator


We LOVE LOVE …. LOVE him sooooooooo much !!!!! He is so beautiful, awesome personality, and extremely well behaved. I was ready to deal with a ‘puppy’, but work isn’t bad at all. I don’t even mind taking him out for quick pee pee at 1am & 4:30am. I hope we aren’t pampering too much… But somethings we can’t help…. Like carring him up & down stairs until he gets the hang of it. Our stairs are steep for a puppy but he can do a few already. Introduced to few dogs and he is doing well. Even playing with the big dogs!


Have list of vets from doggie lovers in my neighborhood. Going to pick one today.


Question: we were going to drive to michigan saugtuck area for camping. Bugs never really bad. 50% of people brings their dogs. You think it is ‘ok’ for puppy, not having all shots and too young for flea collar, etc ?


Thank you again !
Chris & Marlone