Brooke’s Story

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Thursday, 10 November 2011 22:38  |  administrator


The picture enclosed is a picture of a little girl Brooke Coffey from Martinsville, Indiana. The puppy she is holding is Mr. Blue out of my Rosie & Boscoe litter. When he was born the embilical chord was wrapped around his front leg and had cut the circulation off to it and it was infected. Through meds and lots of prayers he has recovered almost 100% . I met Brooke and her family at the Indy dog show last year and she fell in love with Boscoe so we thought it was only right if she had one of his pups. So this morning, Dec.13th,2008 her mother and I left our homes at 6:30 and drove and met at a Loves truck stop in Leroy, Illinois where I gave Brooke a birthday present, Mr. Blue. You can tell by the picture she really did not love that puppy. Yeah right. So I made a little girl happy for her 9th birthday which is Xmas eve a few days early.

From RaeAnn



If that isn’t one of THE nicest things I have ever heard someone doing for a little girl! That little girl will remember you & your wonderful gesture for the rest of her life! I got all teary eyed when I saw that picture! You will definitely win a spot in Heaven with a selfless gesture like that! Pat yourself on the back! You did a GOODIE!!!! That has to be the #1 most AWESOMEST Christmas gifts ANYONE could ever ask for!

You rock!!

From Cathy Whit



Dear Rae Ann,

I’m Brooke’s grandma and I just had to write and tell you a little more background information. I am a very lucky grandma because Brooke confides some of her inner most feelings as we cuddle for an overnight stay. She was terribly disappointed that all of Bosco’s puppies were sold and worried if she would be able to get enough money together by Spring to buy one from his next litter. Knowing how disappointed she was I assured her that she would probably have at least close to enough by the time they would be weaned. She asked how close we would be to your home Saturday but I again assured her it was quite a distance away but maybe someday Mom would have to look at some horses that would be closer and she could visit then.

Saturday she had absolutely no idea what was about to happen but did read the name on the window but we just shrugged our shoulders. I think she was convinced that it was an accident that you were there and thats why she was so hesitant to open the door. Then she told me she thought you had given her the puppy to hold…Needless to say, the ride home was most joyful with her snuggling that little puppy so close all wrapped up like a baby he slept hanging across her shoulder as if he were a real baby. We told her she had a big responsibility because she was his mommy now and she had to take good care of him to make sure he grew into a great dog and companion. The rest of the way home was giggles and I was allowed to “babysit” at one rest stop after she had taken him to potty.

We went by Rural King to make sure we could get the correct feed for him and he was quite a hit as they shopped for a little coat to fit him. Dana is secretary of the Indiana Arabian Horse Club and is creating a webpage for the new year and asked me to come look at it, which I did shortly after gettng home. The bonding has been wonderful, he follows her around the house, chases her around the couch and when she stretches out on the floor to watch tv, he curls up (preferrably on her) to nap. We convinced her to put him in the cage early so he could nap and the ensuing cries and yelps were most effective. I looked over at Brooke and she had her head in her hands and the tears were streaming down her face. When asked what was wrong (as if we didn’t know) she said I can’t stand to hear him cry. We assured her that every mother (especially humans) have to learn that they sometimes need to cry because its part of growing up. Didn’t work she cried with him.

She plans on taking him to school to show er class. Even said it was her very best birthday and she wanted nothing else for her birthday except a bed for him to sleep on!

You have made a little girl very happy. She struggling with the name but thinks it will be Sizzleville’s Little Boy Blue but call him “Sonny Boy” after a weimaraner we had, Dana and I co-owned him, that showed to his championship and was very much loved by the family. But that could change….who knows.

She would like the name and address of the vet from Indiana who did his final check free because he was going to a little girl in Indiana…she would like to write a thank you note to him.

You will receive volumes of updates…and thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Its obvious they are going to be best friends.

Thanks much from Grandma,